lighting solutions


Lamps refer to a broad category of components that share the common feature of producing light from an electric source. They come in a huge variety of sizes, colors, brightness, and design. Most of the drive and industrial pressure in the modern world is towards lamps that produce significant amounts of light without corresponding heat loss, also known as high-efficiency lighting solutions. LED lighting is beginning to overcome fluorescent in this regard and is only limited by the higher prices.
Incandescent lamps utilize a metallic filament of some sort to produce a glow when charged with an electric current. They have been around for over a century and are still quite popular. They produce a pleasant glow and are very cheap so many still prefer them in residential applications. However, they are not very efficient and produce significant amounts of heat.
Fluorescent and LED lamps are produced as a more efficient lighting solution in the current market. Fluorescent bulbs are sealed tubes that contain gasses which when ignited with a high-voltage glow brightly. They have long lifespans but require a ballast to function in residential applications. LED bulbs use semiconducting materials to emit photons when current passes through. They are even more efficient than fluorescent bulbs but are still expensive to produce comparatively.
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