lighting solutions

Lighting Fixtures

Lighting fixtures are electrical devices producing light. Such fixtures take many forms namely track lighting, recessed and under-cabinet lighting, pendants and chandeliers.
Track lighting is fixed to the ceiling and consist a straight housing with several adjusted heads. These lights are liked for their accent and task illumination.
Recessed lights are lights fixed with a curved opening in the ceiling. Also known as Can lights, these lights are “décor neutral”, suitable for brightening rooms, task lights and accent lighting (e.g. art showcases) Such lights come with Insulation contact (IC) or non-insulation contact (Non-IC). Insulation contact recessed is generally more secure as they have a lower wattage and expel less heat. Fluorescent lights if used for recessed lighting, are more energy efficient and incandescent lights produces a conducive glow.
Pendant lights while dangling from ceilings, add a tint of decoration as well as eliminate glare. Suitable for task lighting, these lights can have its intensity varied using controls like dimmers. Being bringing the light down towards the users, pendant lights provide ambient lighting and come with varied bulbs like LED or incandescent bulbs.
Chandeliers are dangling lights from the ceiling, generally popularized for their aesthetics. Usually used for ambient lighting, common bulbs used would be compact fluorescent lights (CFLS) or Incandescent bulbs.
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