Flash Cards

Flash memory cards are small data storage devices most often used in consumer electronics such as cameras, camcorders, computers, phones and tablets. The name refers to the non-volatile flash memory used inside the cards. Flash cards can be used to store pictures, music, movies, and other digital media.

There are many types of flash memory cards and they vary in capacity, speed, interface, and physical size. One of the earliest flash memory card formats still widely used today is compact flash (CF). CF cards are commonly used in high--end consumer electronics such as DSLRs and HD camcorders. At 43mm x 36mm x 3.3mm, CF cards are relatively large in physical size compared to its competition. Secure digital (SD) cards can be found in many portable electronic devices such as mobile phones. SD cards range in size from standard (32mm x 24mm x 2.1mm), down to the diminutive micro size (15mm x 11mm x 1mm). Other less successful formats include xD cards and Memory Sticks. Read more Read less