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Hall Effect Sensors

Hall effect sensor is transducing devices used to detect and generate a voltage when in the presence of a magnetic field. They are designed to induce a voltage as an output when a magnetic field is present at its input. The output voltage can be variable depending on the magnitude of the magnetic field.
Hall effect sensors, as they name states are effect sensors, which can be used to sense different categories, like speed, position of objects, rotational speed or frequency and be used as a fault detector. They can be used to detect a time-varying current, as time-varying current produce magnetic fields, which can then be sensed by the Hall effect transducer and produce a voltage with some proportion the amount of magnetic field present at the sensor.
Materials that enable Hall effect sensors are materials that have high electron mobility, such that they allow electrons to move freely when brought in the presence of a magnetic field. Such materials are Gallium arsenide, indium arsenide, indium phosphide, or graphene, to name a few. Although there are more materials with similar properties, these are some of the most popular ones used.
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