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Level Sensors is an authorized distributor of fluid level sensors from industry leading manufacturers including Honeywell, Omron, TE Connectivity and Seeed. Find capacitive and ultrasonic liquid level sensors with both digital and analog output. Components are in stock and ready to ship.

A level sensor is a sensing device used to detect the current level of fluids within some containing unit. It is important that this fluid exhibit the quality of leveling due to gravitational forces, meaning that the sheer force of gravity will create a planar surface at the top of the liquid base without any additional help. This can also occur with solid elements that are a sufficient size or quality to level under the same conditions, like certain types of powders.
The sensors come in many forms and functions. Point level detection sensors operate a mechanical on/off switch that activates once the fluid has reached a certain level. They do not monitor the actual analog level of the fluid, only when that level crosses a certain mark. An example of this would be automotive fluid sensors like oil and coolant. If there are insufficient levels, then the sensors activate, and the driver is alerted.
Continuous monitoring sensors produce an analog signal correlating to the momentary level of the fluid. Usually, this is achieved through the use of a float that rests at the top of the fluid. The float may contain a magnetic element that can be measured by an additional sensor, and the strength of the field determines the fluid level.
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