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Sensor Development Boards and Kits

Sensor Development Boards and Kits are small boards produced by integrated circuit device manufacturers to allow engineers to evaluate a sensor they manufacture. They are also used to accelerate development of products by enabling rapid prototyping of design. They may sometimes be developed by third parties and be designed to inter-operate with a popular microprocessor development kit to enable easy use (for example Arduino). They may also have an interface built into the Development Kit that enables direct connection to a PC for use with special Test Application designed to demonstrate the capabilities of the device.
Development Kits usually include a PCB that is in an anti-static bag that has the sensor device onboard. They have some input from the sensor or are designed in a way that the sensor can be physically exercised. They typically include a manual, schematic and PCB layout with worked examples of how to use the development kit. Where the Development Kit interfaces to a PC, there is an Application to either load from an included disk or instructions for download.
Development Kits are available for a wide range of sensors including accelerometers, gyroscopes, temperature and pressure. They are usually reasonably priced so as to not discourage evaluation. The kit may include a power supply plug pack and USB cable.
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