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Thermostats are a control mechanism used to regulate the thermal temperature. They can be simply classified as a temperature controlled switch. Thermostats offer the ability to maintain a constant temperature, or they offer the capacity to trigger and action based on a signal disruption or generation depending on whether a certain temperature threshold is crossed.
It is often understood that the only thermostats that exist are found on the wall of one’s home, used to control the heating and cooling system in the house. However, this is not the only application thermostats are used, although practical, there are several more areas where the integration of a thermostat has proven very useful. Applications range from automotive applications, food preservation, space travel, manufacturing and so on. The list is quite long as there are significant benefits to controlling temperatures in most all systems.
Most electronics have a built in the thermostat as controlling the temperature of electronic equipment can be mission critical. Thermostats are the control devices, which signal a system whether to initiate the use of fans or blowers, as found in desktop computers and servers to maintain a certain temperature. Thermostats act to close the loop of the temperature control system
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