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Google AIY Projects Voice Kit for Raspberry Pi | 3602

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AIY Voice Kit for Raspberry Pi 3 In Stock Now!   

With the increasing popularity of home assistants such as Google Home and Amazon Alexa, our friends at AIY Projects have released an exciting new kit that allows you to create your very own voice-activated home assistant. The AIY Voice Kit teaches you how to build and connect your own device to the Google Assistant environment in a user-friendly way. The AIY Voice Kit will walk you step-by-step through the entire assembly process so that you can run the Google Assistant SDK right out of the (cardboard) box.

Powered by the Raspberry Pi 3 Model B from the Raspberry Pi Foundation, the AIY Voice Kit uses its very own Voice HAT to recognize your voice and connect it with Google CloudSpeech API. Create your own Google Assistant enabled cardboard-box ready to answer all of your questions with only the use of your voice.  

Watch the Google AIY Voice Kit Assembly Guide!

 The Kit Comes With: